Life is full of those nine in ten, especially emotional thing, not force. Your life is not to please others, but to treat yourself. Love life, happy every day is stronger than anything else.

She love the rich handsome, you have best wealth to dress; her love of men wearing earrings, you put the whole ear hole; she love you tender boy ha lying stretched out the tongue; he love cool boys bow and scrape; and clever, you force yourself to like to play basketball, washing and cooking for fun.

You in order to ask her to like, change oneself beyond recognition, for fear of a little let her not satisfied, but humble, and the result, she immediately scolded you, not as good as other men's family, and even fell in love with someone else.

Which boy is not a man, everyone is flesh and blood, thinking.

If she likes you, she won't be picky about you. The person who really likes you, your faults can become good in her eyes, she doesn't like you, and everything you do is wrong.

You are not RMB. How can everyone do it?

For example, your appetite is big, in the eyes of the person you love to eat is a blessing, not love your people is good for the eyes.

You don't love to talk, love in the eyes you are introverted, is cool, not in love eyes you are dull, stupid.

You work hard, in the eyes of those who like you, diligence, in the eyes of those who do not like you is rigid.

Life is for those who don't fit you, just for you, just for someone who is right for you."

Love you people do not deliberately to pursue it, she will come to your side, the pots and pans together; who doesn't love you, even if you stay, she would find excuses to leave sooner or later, but is a matter of time.